Saturday, 14 March 2009



African Christianity can only evolve out of the interaction of the gospel of Jesus Christ with the cultural experience of the people. Christianity has always been incarnate within a culture, first Hebrew, then Greek, then Roman, Western and Africa. Andrew Walls argues that “the principal evidence of the ongoing life of traditional African religion lies within African Christianity…African Christianity is shaped by Africa’s past”.1 As Bediako rightly mention ed, “no Christian theology in any age is ever simply a repetition of the inherited Christian tradition; that all Christian all Christian theology is an ‘adaptation’ of the gospel, had to express the gospel within the framework of Hellenistic culture. This study has shown that Christianity takes shape in the local setting and within the history of the people concerned. The Christian message is one and unchangeable but the people employ their worldviews and the totality of their being to understand the massage of Jesus Christ, to make it relevant to their daily life.

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